Paikassa jossa

At the center of space
In a place where a star is dying
It dims quietly from its loneliness
Burns away
Gets dark around its edges
Torn space keeps on going
It unites all
Stardust floats within
but the sparkling disappears
And why would anyone wander here
into the coldest darkness
Nobody arrives here
And nobody leaves either

10.11.2017 -Saara R.


Kätketyssä kammiossa

If I have to go
I wish that you could remember me
Maybe you will still find me from somewhere
From a hidden chamber
which wavers in the depths of your heart
I wish to be in our shared memories
Watching the light's bridge
Brightness which burns and impales 
makes our eyes cry
But maybe it can carry over the emptiness
And we can meet again
In the hidden chamber

9.11.2017 -Saara R.
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